Sunday, August 12, 2012

Teacher Binder For Organization

So I finally got around to working on my Teacher Binder.  Since my theme is "The Olympics"  I changed all my Binder Cover sheets for my teacher binder.  I know a lot of stuff can be kept on file in my laptop, but many papers are hard copies that I prefer to have in a binder.   I don't have a fancy graphic design computer program so I just used what I had.  Here are some pictures of what my binder cover sheets look like for now.  I know they aren't that fancy, but if you want copies, just let me know and I will send them to you. 

 This is the cover of my 4th grade binder.  Going for the Gold!

 My Olympic Line up otherwise known as Table of Contents

Behind this cover tab is where I will put all grade level information such as grade level meeting minutes, field trips, fundraisers, etc.

This is where I will post all my classroom information such as hard copies of parent letters or any special information pertaining to my classroom only.

This is where I will post all my student information under the Olympians Info "Our Awesome Athletes"

State Standards for 4th grade for all subjects will be behind this tab

"Tracking our Data and Persuing Gold"  is my next tab.  This is where all of my data for my students will be.  I think I am going to need a thicker binder.

Here is where I'm posting some great strategies that I can use in my classroom, I have higher order thinking stems, vocabulary and reading strategies, etc. 

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